January 18, 2012

333 Follower Giveaway: We've got winners!

So, this epic giveaway finished the 15th. I have to thank you for your huge support during this event, guys! You're all awesome. But since someone had to win and I couldn't give a prize to everyone, I told the Rafflecopter gadget to choose... And this is what it came up with:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The winners have been notified and they all have claimed their prize, so congrats! 

And special thanks to Gwen Hayes and Candlemar&Gleam Publishing for their support and their help: without them, I'd not have been able to give away these wonderful signed copies! 

I mean, no one'd want a book signed by me. Right? 

Happy reading to everyone, and thanks again for your interest and cooperation!

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