About Ron C. Nieto

Ron C. Nieto was born not that long ago in a bustling European city. Though there were no castles and definitely no princes whatsoever, and she can't recall any fairy looming over her cradle, she was awarded a gift of sorts: a wild imagination combined with a love for words. Unfortunately, along came the curse of the Procrastination Monster, who shadowed her for the best part of her life to date.

But in spite of this, she knew she wanted to be a writer from the very beginning: actually, she does not recall ever striving to be anything else.

Well, past that amusing stage wherein she insisted on being Batman, that is.

Anyway, she undertook her educational adventure when she was old enough, going to school and doing her best in all subjects but math, and she realized that, on top of her love for writing words, there was also a love for knowledge lingering in her. Thus she spent twelve long years reading everything, trying her hand at writing awful stories she's nowadays quite ashamed of, and preparing for University.

Her Alma Mater is the Pontificia Universitas Comillensis Matriti, where she studied to become a translator for Spanish, English, French, Italian and Japanese. Ron is grateful to this University and all its Professors, and not only because of the wealth of knowledge she gained there: beyond the academic baggage, she found the will to overcome the Procrastination Monster, sit down and scratch the aspiring out of aspiring writer.

Right out of the Realms of Higher Education, Ron floundered about without direction - the eternal fear to fly -and finally settled on her choice: do whatever she wanted to do and trust that everything else would sort itself out in the end.

At some point in the near future, she will update this information to report whether there's a livelihood to be had in the noble art of writing, reading and translating books.

Published works: