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Book Report

I’ll go through your book, not as a reviewer with personal preferences, but as someone thinking about how viable the project is.

  • What I’ll tell you:

-Strengths: Are you particularly good with dialogue? The concept is unique? The message is well conveyed? Your characters are extraordinarily solid?
-Weaknesses: Is there too much information? Too little? Shallow relationships? The scene changes are not smooth enough? The action drags?
-Selling points: Not necessarily the same as the book’s strengths, this is what will appeal to the public. Example: there is a plot hole, but the romance fits the bill so there will be a huge target market that won’t mind.
-Complications: Why won’t readers like your book? What might put them off? Is there a bit too much violence for the genre? The language is too complicated for its target audience? Does the book touch on delicate subjects in a way that might alienate one reader too many?
-Personal notes: This is me writing one or two pages to give some examples of the above points, maybe make a suggestion, and to talk about the cover, if you’ve provided one.

  • What I won’t do:

This is a report. I won’t go through your novel with track changes to tell you exactly where the problems are – that’s Content Editing, another service I’m glad to offer but that doesn’t fit this bill.

  • Fee:

There is a flat fee based on the number of pages, but please contact me for more information, specially if your project is much shorter (or much longer) than the mentioned intervals.

-Under 150 pages:  60$
-150-250 pages:     75$
-250-400 pages:     85$
-More than 400:   100$

  • Revision of changes made:

As a rule of thumb, it’s not included. There might be a discount applied if you want to resubmit the book after making any changes, though, and this discount would be greater the less modifications the book had undergone.

Content Editing

This is me going through your novel with track changes to make any suggestions, corrections or comments that might help your story to be better.

  • What I’ll tell you:
-Are your characters reacting as they should to the events, are they breezing by, are they changing without reason?
-Do you have a consistent voice that holds through the text? Does each character have one, too?
-Are there any plot holes? Logic holes? Research holes
-Is the pacing well-balanced? Do we get to the point of the story early enough? Does the story drag too much? Which bits could we take out? Do we have too much action? Can we give the characters a break? If so, can we use it to showcase character development?
-The transition between scenes is smooth? Do we need more scenes? Less scenes?
-Have you left some event hanging? Did you expect the reader to assume something without giving them the clues?
-Are there any glaring grammar mistakes? Any outrageous typo?
-And so on...

  • What I won’t do:

-I won’t try to change your story into something it wasn’t.
-I won’t try to change your voice to fit mine.
-And I won’t rewrite the whole book to suit my tastes.  
I’ll just point out what should be considered, thought about, changed... and then suggest possible solutions that you, as the author, can reject or use at your discretion.

  • Fee:

It varies depending on how much work the text will need. The following should give you an idea, though:

1.5 to 2$ each Standard Manuscript Formatted page.

  • Revision of changes made:

Please, consult me about this, as it would be personalized, depending on how much work went into the book and how many changes have been made.

It could go from just revising the changes you made through track changes, to the equivalent of writing a book report if those changes were more substantial, to a whole new discounted content editing service if whole chunks of story were modified.

There’s also an option to have your final, edited story proofreaded by another set of eyes, so do ask me about where we go when we’re done with your content edit! 

...And contact me about it

Just send me an e-mail with subject line "EDITING [your title here]" to this address:

roncn.contact AT gmail DOT com. 

Tell me everything you feel I should know about your project. What it's about, how long it is, what you're more worried or more confident about... We'll take it from there! I look forward to working with you.

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