December 31, 2011

TBR Intervention #8

 I love this meme. It actually helps me! There are weeks like this one, where it might seem like, uh, things didn't get done, but... It motivates me to get my reading done, to review the books I read on time, and to be organized about what I need to get done! Okay, and now that my own promotional ramble is out...

It's TBR Intervention Challenge time! We get to organize our huge To Be Read piles and actually read those books we've been wanting to (or been supposed to) for the longest time! The challenge is hosted by April @ Books4Juliet, Dani @ Refracted Light and Ayanami @ Whatever You Can Still Betray, and it's hosted every Saturday, though you're free to join every two weeks if that's more convenient for you. As always, do join us! Here's the rules:

1. Post the book(s) you committed to read in your last TBR Intervention post and tell us something about it. Did you finish it? Did you enjoy it or not? Post the link to your review (if you have one). 
2. Post a book that you want to read and already own. Pick something that has been sitting on your shelf for too long now (6 months or longer). Commit to read the book in the next couple of days or week.
3. Grab the TBR Intervention Button and post it on your blog sidebar so you will be constantly reminded of the challenge, making it easier for you to commit. This will also encourage other readers/bloggers/visitors to join the challenge.
4. Add the link to your post in the Linky below and make sure to visit the other blogs. Comment, encourage, and spread the love to our fellow readers. 
And here's how I did this week:

  • Last week's TBR IC: Partial Success!

But I have an excuse! I committed to read Time of the Awakening, which had been submitted for review, but I had a problem with the format that solved itself in... Well, in me not being able to read on my reader. Which left me with my tabletop. Which means that I have much less time to read, and that doing so kills my back. Added to the fact that it's a fantasy classic, with its more than 500 pages... progress is slow. But I'm making it.

My other read, Vengeance, was finished and reviewed here. I really liked it, and it made me super curious about Transced Time #2! 

I even went and read three other books so that you'd not call me lazy and kick me off the challenge... but since the reviews won't be up for a good while, I won't post about that much. 

  •  Next Week TBR IC: 

I'm stubborn. I'm sticking to Time of the Awakening. I'll also try to get Existence in there, because it's a book about a girl who falls in love with Death and that must be super cool. And the guy on the cover is gorgeous, which is always a bonus!


  1. Happy new year Ron!

    I'm so glad you finished your books, specially these days when all the people is so busy!
    I love what you say about Vengeance, is on my list now, thanks for sharing! Hope you enjoy Existence, the cover looks so good!

    Best wishes in this 2012!!!

  2. Happy New Year!

    I am so glad you enjoyed Vengeance! Existence looks amazing! A girl in love with death? Yes please! I hope it's as good as it sounds!

    My TBR for the week is here.

  3. I love the guy's eyes on the Existence cover!

    And we would never kick you off the challenge--we will just encourage you keep going. :)


  4. Hi Ron! =)

    No one will kick you off, I agree with Shanan, we'll encourage each other to keep going... I know it's tough especially this past holiday season. I can hardly hold a book during the Christmas season. At least you finished Vengeance. Is it connected to Remembrance by Michelle Madow? I won that book from the Author's Giveaway (I hope it arrive soon) and I'm excited to read it. I heard lots of good things about the book. I'm glad that you enjoyed Vengeance and looking forward to the next book. I am impressed by your choice of books, I mean, I don't read much classics and hard-to-read-hard-to-understand books hehehe... Honestly, I tried to read some classics but I wasn't able to finish even one book :<

    Existence looks good. And those eyes are powerful! It's scary and mysterious and beautiful at the same time. And wouldn't enjoy a sexy and gorgeous guy? I'm looking forward to your review about this book.

    Hope you had a great holiday season. Happy happy new year! God bless us all! XOXO!