December 7, 2011

Virtual Tour: Keridan's Journey

Author: Michelle Peterson
Title: Keridan’s Journey
Series: Siren Elementals (#1)
ISBN: 9780983045106
Publisher: WBD Books (2011)

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Project manager by day and artist by night, Keridan Patrick's simple world ended with the death of her mother. The father she never knew showed up after twenty-five years and introduced her to a new world cloaked in secrecy and myth.

While fighting to keep some semblance of normalcy to her suddenly unpredictable world, she chanced to meet the mysterious Sahaj. Sahaj had ran for hundreds of years from the one soul he was destined to be with but was transfixed by the one he could not live without.

Would old flames and new enemies stand in the way of love?
So, that's the very interesting premise to Keridan's Journey, and today we're lucky enough to be a stop in its Virtual Book Tour. For this occasion, we have Michelle Peterson over to tell us about her world and her book. Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts, Michelle! 

The Fantasy World Of Keridan's Journey

The other day I was asked how I came up with the fantasy world of Keridan's Journey. In the book, the realm of the Sirens is known as Sirendll. The world is a very Ever-Spring place to me. It is one of those idyllic places only found in paintings where the vibrant, green grass beautifully contrasts the pink, purple and red flowers that grow along lush, rolling hills. It has some of the most stunning scenery ever imagined complete with bright blue sky that kisses a picturesque horizon.

The description of Sirendll may have come from all the vibrant aspects of the best spring day however the substance of Sirendll came from my love of legends. I like to read myths and folk-tales from countries around the world. I was drawn to the tale of Sirens. Sailors would go mad at sea from trying to get to the beautiful voices of the Siren's. This concept of intangible attraction led to the Siren's development in Keridan's Journey. Their beauty was unrivalled by any other being. The price for such beauty was balanced by their constant benevolence. The only way to insure that balance was always achieved necessitated that their very existence depended on peace. So in essence a beautiful world could only be sustained by a beautiful person both inside and out.

Ultimately, Sirendll is a place a refuge from reality. It is the place we go to on spa day as the New Age music deeply relaxes us. Little children often visit, with their imaginary friends. It is the place we daydream about when sitting behind the computer at work. Although Sirendll is trapped forever in the pages of Keridan's Journey, it lives on as that place in our imagination that we escape to when reality disappoints.


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