December 22, 2011

333 Followers Giveaway

So! I promised it would come, I promised it would be epic and... here I am, delivering! Welcome to our 333 Followers Giveaway! I would go on about how thankful I am for you guys being here with me every step of the way, but I know you want to hear the juicy details... Namely, what's up for grabs? Well, brace yourself because here it is!


Tadaaaa! Does it look awesome or what? Wait, I'll make it even more awesome in two words:

Signed. Copies. 

Okay, a moment's break to get your heart back under control... Yes?

Well, here's another surprise: Since 333 is so full of threes, we'll have three winners. Yep! Two people will be lucky enough to get Pilgrim of the Sky, and someone will get their hands on Dreaming Awake!

You can check out my review of Pilgrim of the Sky here, and my review of Falling Under (Dreaming Awake is its follow up) here

Now, onto the nitty-gritty stuff:

-This giveaway is open internationally, because I know a lot of you live overseas.
-The rules for entering are super simple: fill in the Rafflecopter below!
-If you haven't read Falling Under (Dreaming Awake is Falling Under 2), you should have! But still, we can arrange for you to get the first book in the series. 

And that's it! I'll shut up now... as soon as I shout a superspecial thanks to Gwen Hayes and  Candlemark and Gleam, for agreeing to help me setting this one up - you're the best!

Contest Over


  1. odd number, but cool. :D

  2. Congratulations!!! Thanks for the awesome giveaway

  3. Woohoo! Congrats on reaching 400+ followers! That's a huge achievement! Thank you so much for this super cool giveaway. I'm so excited about that copy of Dreaming Awake.

  4. I would love to read the Falling Under series! Sounds super good :)

    Great giveaway!


  5. Hi Ron! Thank you so much for your giveaway =) You are so generous and I appreciate it. Thank you for making it international. You know, I always look forward to your visit and comments on my blog. You never fail to brighten up my day. Thank you! I hope I win =) This is so exciting!

    Big HUGS,
    April @ Books4Juliet

  6. Well I see you are way over 333 followers lol. Congratulations that's so awesome I really don't see how bloggers do it but I appreciate what you all do. Thank you so much for this giveaway you are way too gracious. I am dying to read Dreaming Awake, I totally fell in love with Falling Under and I so need to see what happens next. And your giving it away signed, wow that is too much. You are amazing thank you.

  7. Great Giveaway!

    I'm also having a giveaway, swing by ---> Book Addict & check it out!

  8. Thanks for making this great giveaway international!
    I liked your facebook as TMIPortugal

  9. Signed books. Drool. Thanks!!!! I hope I win!!!!