December 27, 2011

Review: Damian's Oracle, by Lizzy Ford

Author: Lizzy Ford
Title: Damian’s Oracle
Series: The War of Gods (#1)
ISBN: 9781466413009)
Publisher: Lizzy Ford (2011)
Disclaimer: Copy received for review purposes.

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My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Inspired by Slavic mythology, Damien’s Oracle is the entree into the ongoing battle between good and evil over the fate of humanity. The White God, Damian, and his Guardians protect the world from the Black God and his monsters while rescuing Naturals – humans with extraordinary paranormal gifts - from the Black God, who would kill or convert them.   

Caught in the middle is cool-headed Sofia, a Natural whose gift will tip the scales in the war. Sofia begins her transformation from human into oracle, the first in thousands of years. Damian rescues her from the Black God in time to complete a ceremony that will bind her to him for eternity. Sofia struggles with her new world and her role as an oracle and Damian’s mate while haunted by a mysterious man from Damian’s past who’s supposed to be dead. Unbeknownst to her, her link to the dead man may be all that saves Damian, his Guardians, and the fate of humanity.        

While he wants nothing more than for the petite beauty to take her place at his side like the oracles of legend did his White God forefathers, Damian can’t quite rationalize having to win her over instead of command her. Further complicating his life is the sobering realization that there are spies in his organization who are helping the Black God take out his Guardians. Damian must help Sofia reach her potential fast, especially when a threat from his past returns.
GoodReads’ blurb

I know that comparisons are not nice, but if I had to sell this book real fast I’d say: Black Dagger Brotherhood. If you have ever liked any of the aspects in that series, you’ll like this one.

Even if you haven’t, I think you might like this one anyway.

But I’m getting ahead of myself, like I tend to do... So let’s try to explain myself a little better.

Damian’s Oracle is a romance, yes. Admittedly, it’s an insta-love case, where the main couple see each other and become fascinated. Usually, that would bother me, but honestly, Damian and Sofia fit well together so I didn’t mind that much. Why?

Because I was too busy enjoying the non-stop action and fascinating lore Lizzy Ford has written for us.

For one, the myth and backstory put into this novel is extremely engaging. Granted, if you start thinking too hard about numbers – namely, about time and its passing – you might wonder where all the history is set. After all, our Damian thinks in millennia, and he’s had a father and a grandfather at the very least, and they must have led incredibly long lives as well. But still, I found easy to explain that away through the Schism. Once you really get going in the White God, Black God war, in the balance, in the silent “observers”... it’s hard to care about anything else!

The style was very fast. Not only the visual scenes, plenty of action kind of fast, but the kind where the prose is precise and to the point, pulling you along for the ride and using just the right words to convey the right feelings. I love how Lizzy Ford can use such modern, colloquial language and make it work with guys who are older than memory! It makes them approachable and easy to relate to, and each of them is so unique... My personal favorite is Dusty, but I liked all of them.

The plot was tight. The villains were villains by themselves, which is not the best motivation ever, but it had the whole conflict between Good and Evil as balancer behind. There were enough twists to keep me interested, and surprises – I thought I could see it coming, and I was partly right... but that was only half of the surprise! The truth nearly made me cackle, it was so good.

So, all in all: I’m looking forward to reading the rest of the series, which is something I definitely must do. Specially Dusty’s book. I think you’d enjoy it too. You should give it a try!


  1. WOW. This sounds terrific! I LOVE mythology-based books! The conflict in this novel sounds very intrriguing, and the idea of pairing a psychically-gifted human with a god is a fabulous one! The romance, from what you describe, also sounds wonderful! I know it's a cliche, but I adore "love at first sight" romances!!! One more for the TBR pile!!

    Thanks for another great review!! : )

    Maria @

  2. Hi Maria!

    I think you'd enjoy this one. The myth in the book is made up, but very solid and interesting. Besides, I think that while it's not a YA book, it still is quite clean in terms of both romance and violence - there's the one thing, but it's only hinted at! So I think you'll really love this book! Besides, it's super fast to read :)

  3. Hi, Ron!

    Happy New Year! Well, from your description in your comment, it sure sounds like it's something I will definitely enjoy reading! Could you possibly send me Lizzy Ford's link? I'd like to request a review copy. Or perhaps send her my email address, so she can contact me herself?

    My email address:

    Thanks in advance!

  4. Hi, Maria!

    Mailing you about this now ;)

  5. One of my favorite book from Lizzy Ford. I love the characters and who doesn't love to read romance. A very captivating read for sure! :)