December 25, 2011

My Bookworm Santa

BEWARE: Extreme gushing ahead.

It’s finally, finally time to share what my Bookworm Santa got for me this Christmas! And it’s amazing! It’s beyond great! I screamed louder than my neighbour’s kids, I’m ashamed to admit...

But! It was for a good reason! Why, you say? Because I didn’t get one box... I got two! Two!

It was here super early, and I was weak, and I spoiled part of the surprise by opening one ahead of time – and promptly devouring it. This one:

I don’t have words to describe this book yet. I will, soon, but for now, when I closed it once the ride was over, I was just... well, being eloquent, I can only say “wow”. Which I guess gives you an idea, right?

But that wasn’t all! I also got... This! 

Oh. My. God! I spend so much time reading digital for galley and space issues that I had forgotten how thrilling some physical copies can get! I mean, do you know how long I spent squealing and shoving the book under everyone’s noses while screaming “Look! Look at this! It’s dark red ink, because it’s Anna Dressed in Blood! Get it? Get it?!”

I think people put up with me in the good spirit of Christmas. Really.

But I had to gush like that! I mean, Cas? He’s damn amazing! I love him and Anna, and I love their relationship because they don’t need a relationship to be amazing characters – each of them is strong and funny and tragic by themselves, which makes them being together even better.

Okay, okay, yes: once I got this book, I retreated to my bookish corner and was dead to the world until someone came to get me out with a crowbar. So what? I had reasons!

In case it’s not abundantly clear from the post: my Bookworm Santa gifts were the best surprise ever! Thank you thank you thank you so much

Ahem. And now, the other part of the reveal:

I was Megan's Secret Santa, from over at Amethyst Daydreams, and I got her Supernaturally (Paranormalcy book 2). I hope she enjoys it! I've read a lot of good things about this series. 


  1. Hi, Ron!! WOW. You sure are having a GREAT Christmas, aren't you? Enjoy your books, you lucky girl!!!


  2. Oh, you got AWESOME books!! I NEED to read Anna so bad. I'm tempted to get the physical copy just for the bloody words. lol

  3. Hehhehe! These were my best Christmas gift this year. I usually know what my family is going to get me (and they usually hold until Jan the 6th to give it to me) so the surprise at getting TWO books, and not knowing what was inside the boxes, and then loving, loving both books so very much that both of them are going straigth for the 5-star team...

    Yep, I'm having a great Christmas. And yes, Christy, you need to read Anna... and I think the physical copy is soooo worth it in this case!