February 24, 2012

Transcend Time Saga: Title Hunt!

Welcome to the Transcend Time Saga Title Hunt! The title hunt is the reveal of the title for the final novel in the Transcend Time Saga. Each of the bloggers participating in the hunt have been given a letter. Hop around to the blogs participating to hunt for the letters. (And remember that two of the letters are used twice, so the title is eight letters long.) 

Once you've unscrambled the title, go to Michelle Madow's blog and use the title name to enter the giveaway for a voucher for an advanced e-copy of the final Transcend Time novel! (She is giving away a voucher because the novel is planned to be released at the end of the year, and she hasn't finished writing it yet! This voucher will ensure that you will receive an advance e-copy once they are available).

My letter is... 


I'm really looking forward to this book. There are so many things I'm hoping to see! The end of Remembrance wrapped things up pretty nicely,, but then Vengeance threw it all into chaos for me. Right now, I'm torn between cheering for Chelsea, so that she has a terrible, horrible moment of realization and understands exactly what she has done (with all due guilt and despair, of course) and so that I can see Drew in dark mode... and, of course, rooting for the couple! 

Whatever happens, though, I know I will enjoy it. I can't wait! 

Before I let you hop on to the rest of blogs taking part in this awesome title hunt, let me remind you that right now Michelle in on tour through the States!  And while she is, her novel Remembrance will be on sale, 0,99$, so if you're one of the few who still haven't read it... Well, go and get it! 

Now, shoo! Hop on and find out the title to this most expected novel! 

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