February 22, 2012

I've been Tagged! (And I loved it)

So, it’s National Get to Know Ron Day! How cool is that?

The fact is, I’ve been tagged this past week. Thanks so much, girls! You’re the best, and I love you all! (And I love to talk about myself) So, I’ve decided to make a post with all the questions I got from my tagging, for your reading pleasure.

I believe there were rules involved. I’m probably going to break them, therefore I won’t list them – so perhaps you won’t notice!

Anyway, ready? Here we go!

  • Questions from Maria @ A Night’s Deam of Books

1. What do you enjoy the most about blogging, or do you like every aspect of it?
 I love every aspect. I don’t care for the huge amount of work, or for the time it takes away from my social life or from my other “recreational activities”, but it more than makes up for it. There’s something about book blogging that still amazes me: there’s the community and the awesome friends I’ve made, and there’s also something deeper, something about feeling, being the pulse of the reading force. That’s what makes me stick to it, I guess.

2.  How do you balance your blogging with your reading?
I’m still trying to learn the answer to that question. I keep telling myself that I must write a review everytime I finish a book. I end up reading, reading, and then going on hige review sprints where I prepare four or more posts. I don’t do many memes, so there’s not much to prepare there. And the rest? I pretty much schedule the day I want it up, and end up writing the actual post the last day, the last minute. As I’m doing now.

3.  What kind of blogging issues did you have to deal with when you first started out?
I didn’t know what I was doing. At all. My biggest issues were, and are, consistent posting. And finding the time to network, without giving up on my reading or my writing. Or my job, which actually pays my blogging and reading bills.

4.  Do you prefer to read fiction or nonfiction?  Alternatively, do you enjoy both?  Please explain, either way.
Fiction. I hardly ever read nonfiction. I think the only exception to that is a biographical novel about Juan de Austria, because he’s pretty much the paradigm of a Renaissance man and I wanted to know about him. Still, it was novelized. As a rule of thumb, I read to scape reality. I learn new things about the world and myself, but looking from another prism. I need that break with in order to keep myself sane. If I read nonfiction... I’d probably catch a depression or loose my imagination or my sense of humor or something.

5.  Would you read a blog that you did not find visually appealing?  Why or why not?
As soon as it doesn’t kill my eyes. Most of the blogs I read, I read from my feeder anyway so design will catch my eye, but won’t hold me long – it’s all about the content. As long as the font is legible for that moment where I actually head to the blog to leave a comment, I’m cool with it. Which doesn’t mean that I don’t like a pretty blog.

6.  Have you changed your blog design or header at all since you first started blogging?  Why or why not?
Yep. I play around with it from time to time. I did a major overhaul about a month in, because I had such a serious, business like design that it screamed “bleh” miles and miles around. I still chance small details. I’m always looking for the perfect layout, color combination, to streamline stuff or add more content... I can’t help myself!

7.  If you were ever unable to finish a book because you didn't like it, would you still review it, and mention the reasons you couldn't finish it?  Why or why not?
I don’t think that’s fair. There’s just one book I’ve truly been unable to finish, though, so maybe there’s some instances where I’d still review and I just haven’t come across them. Right now, though, if I can’t even fast-read the book, I won’t review it.

8.  Would you read a book on the basis of the opinion of literary critics, or popular appeal?  Please explain either way.
I’d read a book based on my own appeal. Critics sometimes look for things I don’t care about. Pop appea works the same way. I know the kind of books I enjoy, and I know what I’m in the mood for reading at any given time, so that’s the opinion I’ll trust. This doesn’t mean that I don’t find new things by looking at whatever my bloger friends are reading (you guys, you make my TBR insurmountable!)

9.  Young adult fiction has become very popular in recent years.  What do you think could be the reason for this?
No idea. I wish I knew. I like it because it’s simple, and refreshing, and love tends to win the day and there are less chances that the character I love will end up dead in chapter two. It reminds me of a simpler time in my own life, and while I don’t want to go back, I like to see it again through different circumstances.

10.  Do you like to review indie books?  Why or why not?
Yep. There are amazingly good indie books out there, so I don’t see why I shouldn’t give them a chance. That said, though, I ask from an indie author exactly the same thing I’d ask from a legacy one – no leniency! Which means, if you see a 4 or 5 star review from me? Yeah, it was that good.

  • Questions from April @ Books4Juliet

1. How do you usually spend your time if you're not reading or blogging?
Aside from working, you mean? (laughs) I play around with my guitar. Plan for my next crazy project. Play some more. And study. I love studying languages.

2. How many books can you read in week?
Two under most circumstances. Unless I’ve a lot of work, or we’re talking A Dance with Dragons kind of books – then, I’d say one... Or even half a book!

3. What is your favorite book genre?
Fantasy. Particularly, YA because they tend to be shorter and more manageable in a genre known for its door stoppers. I like paranormal, urban, traditional... I’m not much for dystopia, though, and it takes me a lot of effort to talk myself into picking up Sci-Fi.

4. What is the title of your most favorite book? 
What, just like that? No year limit, genre limit, author limit? Wait, this is SO not fair, April!  can’t possibly answer... If I had to say which books have changed or marked me the most, though, I guess I’d have to go with three: Ender’s Game, by Scott Card; Dune by Frank Herbert; and Thief of Time by Terry Pratchett. Make of that what you will.

5. Are there any books that you wished you didn't read?
None that I can think of. Sure, sometimes I’ve wondered if I had lost X hours of my life, but I think there’s something to be gained, even from truly awful books – namely, how not to do it.

6. Have you ever cried over a book? 
Yep. I’ve even cried over manga. Does that count? When something I don’t like happens in a book, I have this habit of going “lalalala” and prentending it didn’t happen... but sometimes it just hits you, I guess.

7. Have you ever felt being so angry over a book or a main character?
Nah... I’ve developed death wishes towards some characters (okay, a number of them), but I don’t get really angry. Then again, it’s quite difficult to get me angry in real life, too.

8 If you will be asked to give away all your books except one, which one will you keep?
I’d run away and become the leader of the Cultural Resistance. Then I’d become famous (or infamous) and be hunted down, and probably killed protecting my pile of books. They’d make a Pulitzer-worthy pic of my defeat, too. But anyway, I’d not give up my books. Not a single one of them.

9. Name 4 female characters that you would want to exchange your life with.
My brain might be kind of slow right now. I can come up with Clary from Mortal Instruments, because that’s what I’m reading right now. Then.... I don’t know. I like being myself. I just want their boyfriends.

10. Who is your most favorite fictional boy?
From the books I’ve read since I started blogging, I think I’ll go with Cas from Anna Dressed in Blood. (And Magnus from Mortal Instruments, but that’s a secret!)

11. If there's a book that you want to recommend to me, what book would that be?
Right now? I’d say, check out Matchbox Girls. It’s my latest review and it blew my mind away.

  • Questions from Shanan @ The Book Addict

1.  What book that you have read surprised you the most?  Why?
Mmmh. The Sundering duology. I’m going to say that because it’s not very well known, I think, and it touched me deeply enough to make me start my blog just so that I could write about how wonderful it was. I didn’t expect it to be as deep, lyrical, enthralling and painful as it was, not at all.

2.  What is your favorite genre to read?  Why?
That’s April’s question two *points up*

3.  Did you love to read while you were in high school and/or college?
Yes, definitely! I’ve loved to read since I could hold a book and make sense of the letters inside. To give some examples: My family had this rule, when I was seven, that I could only buy a book a week. I read through “The Little Vampire” (ages ten and up, I know) and I’d always finish each book, and then I’d have to re-read it before I could get the new one. Then, when I was eleven, I read Ivanhoe, the Aeneid, the Illiad, and the Oddyssey during my summer holidays. And it only got worse, my friends. It got worse.

4.  Do you belong to a book club?
No. I don’t think there are that many book clubs where I’m from. It’s like the habit’s not there.

5.  How do you like to share your love of reading with others?
I usually pester whoever’s my poor victim until they wield and read a book. Or I blog. Which is like, a viral form of pestering, isn’t it?

6.  Twilight or Morganville Vampires or Blue Bloods (or if none of these what is your favorite vampire story?)
Haven’t actually read any of those yet. But I like my vampires to be dark, to be predators, to have little qualms about being what they are and doing what they do to survive.

7.  What author can you not get enough of?
Another cruel question. Do I have to narrow it down to just a handful? To just one? Hmmm... Okay, I’ll say, in no particular order: Mark Lawrence, Elizabeth Hunter, Terry Pratchett.

8.  Who is your favorite all-time character?
All time?!? How should I know? How can I tell? There are so many of them, characters who have spoken to me in one moment or another of my life... If I had to go for generalizations, I’d take Paul Atreides from Dune and Death from Terry Pratchett’s books. And Jorg from Mark Lawrence’s Prince of Thorns.

9.  What book would you most like to see made into a movie?  Who would you like to see starring in the movie?
Not answering this one. I like my own imaginations of the characters, so no matter how good Hollywood is, I’d rather keep my own vision, untainted by a movie. An exception could be The Mortal Instruments, because I’ve seen the leading roles and I can live with them, but I’m still scared about what they might do. So, yeah.

10.  Kindle or Nook? (okay, I admit I am trying to figure out which one I should save up for!)
I actually have a Sony, but if I were to change devices I’d go for a Kindle. They’re cheap, perform beautifully, and are on their way to becoming the new standard. Don’t fight the trend – benefit from it.

11.  Describe your dream reading nook.
Reading in any kind of nook kills my back – particularly because I already spend about 10-12  hours a day sitting in front of my computer, working. I always read curled up in bed, with my cat.

Aaaand that’s it. Wow. Intense, wasn’t it?

I should now proceed to write my own ten (thirty?) questions and to tag ten (thirty) more people. But... remember what I said about breaking the rules? Yeah. This is it.

So, if you’d like to make me happy, just comment below. Tell me what you think, share your views, laugh at mine. That’s what I’d like to tag you for, dear reader.


  1. Wow I am impressed that you did all three tags! I had a lot of fun getting to know you!


    1. Yay!! Someone who actually read the post! (Cause you did, didn't you? *laughs*)

      Of course I answered all tags- how could I pick one over the other? It was super fun, too. I'm glad you liked reading the answers too!

  2. Ron, I so loved your answers! lol. I know that my question #4 is cruel and a killer question because it's hard to answer! LOL. Ok, I did that on purpose! *wink

    I haven't met Cas because I haven't read Anna Dressed In Blood. I think I should pick that book soon. And yes, I added Matchbox Girls in my TBR just after I read your review :) I am glad that you chose it as your recommendation for me :P hehe...

    And I'd say WOW! You've been tagged 3 times! That's a lot. People really love you! :) Thanks for answering our questions. It was really fun to read your answers!

    Oh, bdw, have a great day! miss u already!


    1. Hi April! Yay! I'm so glad you liked those answers! I had a lot of fun writing them, too! (And no.4 was on purpose, hmm? shame on you!)

      Anna Dressed in Blood is another great book. I has a bit of a creepy element, and I loved it! I'm super glad to hear you added Matchbox Girls, too - I think you'll like it, a lot. It's so unique! Plus, there's a sequel coming up (okay, still in the writing stage, so what?)

      Have a great day you too! Lots of love!


  3. njoyed get 2 know ron day day
    yes consistent posting is my problem as well

    1. One day we'll solve it, roro! Er... I hope. :)
      Thanks for stopping by!

  4. Wow! You are so awesome! I don't know how many times I was tagged in the last two weeks,but to be honest I only commented on the post I was tagged in. Now I feel bad. You did all three! I loved reading this!!! I love how you say blogging is a virtual form of pestering. I love fellow book pushers:) I also have a Sony, but I have been thinking of getting a Kindle. Thanks for all the insight into your world.

    1. *Grins* Well, as I said, I love talking! So this was a super fun cance for me to do so!

      We should form a society. Book Pushers Inc or something. lol

  5. LOL...We totally need t-shirts or badges:)

  6. Ron, great post. I did the same thing...I answered my questions and didn't tag anybody. I enjoyed your answers. We are a lot alike. I don't get angered easy, I don't think about books in terms of it becoming a movie, and...I'm dying to meet Magnus also. I just posted my tags today. I had 4 and it took me forever. LOL

    1. I went over to your tags the other day! Your answers were super fun to read, and yes... We're a lot alike! We'd have to share Magnus and Jace *laughs*

      Thanks for reading through the huge post!