September 19, 2011

Book reviewers, unite!

Hey folks! A bit of blogging stuff to talk about today, so if you have a book blog of you own, this idea might interest you – should interest you – a lot!

So, there I was yesterday, hanging around my recently launched twitter account, when I saw an announcement from Kyla, from Kyla Novelista. She’s had an idea for us to showcase our reviews, and I think it’s brilliant!

Here’s the basics:

The initiative would work like a meme, and every week we bloggers get to pick one of our reviews to showcase: then, we head over to our host and leave a linky with the title of the book, the author’s name and the genre.

Now the trick is to pick five other reviews from the whole list, head over to each site, read and leave a comment. The comment should be thoughtful (that’s why we visit just five and not all of them!)

Super cool, isn’t it? Even the name rocks: Limelight Reviews!

If you like the idea, please head over to Kyla’s blog to the main post and let her know so that she can get this great meme up and running! This here is where she explains it all – better than I do ;) 

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