July 13, 2012


Fandom: The Iron Fey
Author: Julie Kagawa
Genre: YA paranormal romance (fairy tale)
Status: Complete

Title: In Dreams
Author: Queen of Air and Darkness
Must have read original: Yes, book 4 (Iron Knight) included
Status: Complete (one-shot)
Rating: T
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance

Meghan's POV of Ash's and her shared dream in Iron Knight. Warning: pretty sad.

So I was hunting the perfect fiction for this little summer feature of mine and I found this jewel. Basically, this is a scene out of Iron Knight—the dream scene, remember? When Ash finds Meghan? Well, this is her point of view. It's not official, but it could very well be... Heartwrenching! It made the ending of Iron Knight all the more triumphant.

Short (just 2000 words this time!), sweet with a tinge of sadness. Enjoy!


  1. Ohhhhh I LOVE me sum good FanFic! I think this Fan Friday is an AWESOME idea!! May I do it too and use the name Fan Friday? I dont want to just copy and not ask for permission first. Of course I will link back to you.

    I once read an entire BOOK (like 700 pages) about Carlisle Cullens life! Called "Waning Moon" by Ybor Jen. Of course its Twilight FF but it was so awesome I told her to print it!

    I love that FanFic.Net site too.

    Look at me rambling on and on..lolz..Please let me know about the FanFriday thing :)

    As always a pleasure to stop by and say hi!

    1. Definitely! I'd love it if you'd join the feature =) Who knows, perhaps we could get a meme going or something... I'll research how to do that whole linky thing because I have no idea, but I'm definitely looking forward to your post this Friday!

      You know, before I starting buying massively through internet, I only had fanfics to read. So... those 100 and something books a year? Yeah. Fanfic. Some were really amazing, and I feel you when you said that they need to be shared!

      It's always a pleasure to have you rambling here! You know I love your visits ;)