July 6, 2012


 Yes, I'm a crappy blogger. I missed my own feature. I'm sorry! To make up for it, this week I bring you... Malec! Enjoy...

Fandom: The Mortal Instruments
Author: Cassandra Clare
Genre: Young Adult Paranormal
Status: Ongoing (2007)

 Summary: Do I even have to post one?

Title: Hoping you’d say that
Author: Grimmlock
Must have read original: It starts with a reference to a scene in book 3; deviates from there
Status: Complete (2011)
Rating: T
Genre: Romance / Friendship

Magnus has a very serious question for Alec. His answer could affect them both, in more ways than just the obvious. (Fanfiction summary)

Caution! Don’t read my comments if you’ve not read book 3 of The Mortal Instruments, because I’m going to mention THE scene...

And no, it’s nothing to do with Jace and his undying love for Clary, nor is it the other way around. This is all about the kiss, when Alec finally figures out that he’s actually in love... just not with the man he thought!

The story picks up after events in The Mortal War, before book 4 came out, and opens with the two of them safely at home and Magnus confronting Alec about his actions and his reasons... because, let’s be honest, the poor guy can’t get his hopes too high when it comes to a hormonal teenager faced with nearly certain death.

Except that perhaps things aren’t as safe as they seem. Sure, the world and the race of Nephilim are safe... but when you’ve lived as long as Magnus Bane has, you rub some people the wrong way. And they might act if they find a way to hurt you – especially when that way could not only hurt him, but lead him to self-destruction.

I’m making it sound all dark, but it really didn’t read like that: it was heart-warming, with enough action and angst to keep the read interesting... plus, it’s a fairly short fanfic adventure, standing around 20K words. You should check it, because the author came with some innovative ideas about a warlock’s power (and showed us a side of Magnus I love!)

Have you read anything on these two yet? If so, what can you recommend?

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