March 2, 2012

Cover Reveal: Bonds of Fenris

Look at this! I'm participating in another cover reveal to bring you the awesomeness of this story: doesn't it sound terribly promising? I can't wait to read it!

Talia Thornwood's life ended one year ago, when she became a werewolf. She survived the attack, and the horrifying transformation a month later, but the life she has now is barely worth living. She lurks about in a filthy, run-down house, with too many werewolves crammed into too small a space. Every day is a struggle against the stress of human contact, the romantic prodding of her obnoxious packmate Pierce, and the gnawing hunger for flesh in her soul.

She's all but resigned herself to a dreary existence on the margins of society when she meets Corwin. Corwin is a werewolf like none other. He walks among humans as if it was nothing, and can keep his wolf under control even when the moon is full. Talia's mind is suddenly opened to the possibilities before her, and the realization of how little she really knows about lycanthropy.

Corwin claims that he can teach her how to cope as he does, even how to transcend her affliction. But it will not be easy. It is a hard education that requires her to question everything her pack taught her, and confront exactly what she has become. And, more amazingly, what she never stopped being.

Bonds of Fenris is a paranormal novel by S.J. Bell, due to be released through Smashwords on May 7, 2012.
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Cover art is by the delightful Stephanie Mooney


  1. I like the wolf silhouette! And yes, it DOES sound promising. I don't search out werewolf books, but I stumble upon one that sounds good, then I just might have to try it. :)

    1. I loved the title, and then the summary lived up to expectations! I had this awful experience with a certain Wolves series, but I'm currently trying to find the book that will redeem the whole paranormal creature to me. I think this might just be it, too!

  2. I really like the cover art. The blurb sounds awesome! I love were/shifter books.

    1. I'm learning to love them as well! Plus, it sounds like there's a lot of good characterisation and tense stuff going on, so I can't wait to check it out!