July 8, 2011

Random Q&A #1: Did you always want to write?

This is a bit of an experimental section: I'll be posting questions periodically (I think once a week, let's think Friday for now, shall we?) and then I'll provide my personal answer. Then, the trick is that you can provide your own opinion. It should be interesting to know what everyone thinkgs about this! Remember, when I say "write", it doesn't need to be a book - blog articles count! Or you can modify the question to fit your needs, for example: "Did you always want to draw?"

Most of these questions were posed to me at one point or another, most of them by my readers, so feel free to send your own to be added to the list ( roncn DOT contact AT gmail DOT com). I hope you'll take part in this activity! Please, remember to put "Random Q&A" on the subject line or I'll probably misplace it! 

For all my virtues, organizational skills are not prominent on the list...

Anyway, on to this week's question:

Yes, I always wanted to write. I don't remember a time when I did not make up my own stories. I mean, my first draft was made in Word Perfect, using Windows 3.11 (and I'm 24!). 

But this goal did not always sit comfortably with me. I've tried to be a computer scientist (really, absurd notion. I blame my parents), a veterinary, and a Bogey Man (yes, the dream of my life during a particular period involved hiding under the bed and forgetting the world at large). I've since outgrown most of my fears, and I'm trying to become what I want to be. This blog is one step, my short stories are another, my upcoming novella yet another... But the way is long!

What about you?


  1. Enjoyed your post. Tweeted it. Donna


  2. Thank you so much! I'm glad to hear you like the idea. Hope to read from you again soon!